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Keep your Computer Clean of Spyware and Viruses!
First run CCleaner, then Glary Utilities, and last Malwarbytes once per week.

Download CCleaner Here
1.    "Run cleaner" ~ takes between 2 seconds - 5 minutes
2.    "Registry" (On left side)
3.    "Scan for issues" ~ takes around 2 minutes
4.    When complete, "Fix selected issues"
5.    Pop up: "Do you want to backup changes to the registry?"  "NO"
6.    "Fix all selected issues"
7.    "Are you sure?" "OK"
8.    Repeat three times if necessary or until no issues show up

Glary Utilities
Download Glary Utilities Here
1.    "1-Click Maintenance"
2.    "Scan for Issues" ~ can take around 5 min
3.    When finished scanning, "Repair Problems"
If the update window comes up you can download the new version if you feel comfortable in doing so.

Download Malwarebytes Here
1.    "Update" tab
2.    "Check for updates"
3.    "Scanner" tab
4.    Select the "Quick scan" option
5.    When the scan completes, click "Show results"
6.    "Remove selected"  (if problems found - You may have to restart)
7.    If over 20 problems found - run again under "Full scan"

AVG                       run every 2 weeks
Download AVG Here
Auto checks for updates daily
1.    "Computer Scanner"
2.    "Scan whole computer"
3.    Close results

If these solutions do not produce results, you may have a more serious problem.
Give us a call at 814-455-6610.
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